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Top 10 Investment Opportunities In Ghana

The term "millionaire" is taking on a new meaning to Ghanaians and this leaves a lot of Ghanaian citizens to more interested in some of the investment opportunities in Ghana.

It's no longer just about the size of your bank account; any shady politician, corrupt bureaucrat, or unscrupulous businessman on the continent can
easily claim to be a millionaire.

But Ghana's new and emerging generation of millionaires are not just excited about money, they're equally passionate about impact; they want to create value that touches and improves
people's lives and that's the exact reason we have organized these well research business investment opportunities in Ghana to help them make the right choices.

It's called impact entrepreneurship. It's the new way of investing money and getting profit, at the same

Ghana is overwhelmed by serious problems, from unemployment and illiteracy, hunger and inadequate electricity. This new generation of Ghanaians are focusing…

10+ Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria

There are many small scale businesses in Nigeria, but this article is going to highlight the most profitable businesses you can start small and grow big

As the name implies "small scale" it may or maynot really have to rquire huge capital to start-up.

Therefore this post will list the small scale businesses in nigeria one can actually start up without much hassle.

Here Are The List of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria.

1. Event Planning:

Event planning is one of the decent paying business I admire so much in Nigeria.

To venture into event planning it is necessary to have a very creative and unique taste in designs and decoration.

In the presence of these two unique tastes, planning an event is just something one can do without any form of hassle.

2. Rental Program:

In case you are just hearing about rental program for the first time it's a type of business where one buys certain equipments that people need and rent it out to them on a specific pricetags.

 Some of the things one ca…