10+ Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria

There are many small scale businesses in Nigeria, but this article is going to highlight the most profitable businesses you can start small and grow big

As the name implies "small scale" it may or maynot really have to rquire huge capital to start-up.

Therefore this post will list the small scale businesses in nigeria one can actually start up without much hassle.

Here Are The List of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria.

1. Event Planning:

Event planning is one of the decent paying business I admire so much in Nigeria.

To venture into event planning it is necessary to have a very creative and unique taste in designs and decoration.

In the presence of these two unique tastes, planning an event is just something one can do without any form of hassle.

2. Rental Program:

In case you are just hearing about rental program for the first time it's a type of business where one buys certain equipments that people need and rent it out to them on a specific pricetags.

 Some of the things one can rent out in Nigeria includes sound instruments, garments, tables pots, plates, chairs and canopies etc.


Agriculture have proven one of the small scale business in Nigeria. In the recent years Nigerian government have empowered it's citizens to venture into agriculture.

Agriculture in Nigeria does not really require large capital to start because one an eventually start small and grow big.

Some of the profitable business under agriculture one can venture into includes poultry farming, pig farming, snail farming etc

4. Catering:

Catering is the business of providing food and other related services on special occasions.

A cater be a professional in the following fields e.g cooking delicious foods, Baking, Roasting etc.

Nigeria being a country known for different types of occasions I think catering should be considered a very huge market to be sold.

5. Decorations:

This requires one to find a professional decorator and become his/her apprentice for a while then when you become good in that field you can start your own decoration company.

Catering and event planning works well in this field too.

6. Tailoring:

Learn a particular fashion and design skill, get a sewing machine then you are good to go.

Some of trending fashion in Nigeria is the male and female designs this include Ankara, Agbada, Suits and others.

7. Cyber Cafes:

It is true that technology in Nigeria is fast growing but cyber cafes still is a profitable business as the need for people to photocopy, print out documents, browse etc is still ongoing.

All you need to do is setup your cyber cafe in a strategic location location so as to attract patronizers.


You can equally go and acquire photographing skill to be a professional. Customer love professional who will give them a very nice shot.

You can go to event and photograph and get paid.

9. Transportation:

Transportation is a very lucrative small scale business in Nigeria.

Very few people own vehicles in Nigeria therefore the need for transportation is on the rise.

10. Sports Viewing Centre:

Nigeria is a country that have too many sports lovers especially football and basketball. These viewing centres make lots of money everyday especially on weekends.

Above are the scale scale businesses in Nigeria that is lucrative to venture into and make decent amounts of many to sustain yourself and family.

Goodluck as you choose your most preferred smale scale business.


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