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10 Hot Business Ideas In Ghana

Have you been searching for some profitable business ideas in Ghana that can yield good profits? Well search no further  because we have carefully written this article suit your needs.

There are lots of business opportunities in Ghana that can one can start up either with little or huge capital.

Without wasting much of your time let me take you on a long ride of business ideas and opportunities in Ghana

Lucrative Business Ideas In Ghana

1. Oil And Gas:

The high demand in oil and gas in the society is very alerming. We already know that oil and gas is very essential to human beings if not what would we use to fuel our cars, generators, cooking gas etc.

You can take advantage of this by starting up an oil and gas based businesses like petrol gas station.

2. Poultry Farming:

Poultry is among the profitable business ideas in Ghana. This simply means setting up a poultry farm, feeding your birds (i.e chicken, turkey, geese etc), and selling them when you mature. Apart from the profit made from selling these birds you can also make make profits by selling their eggs. Note that poultry business requires attention, care and supervison.

3. Catering Services:

This is the business of providing food and other related services. If you can look around you there are many events taking place almost everyday.

Imagine rendering this service of catering to these wedding ceremony, birthdays celebrations that are taking place almost everytime and get paid for it.

4. Private School:

Every parent now wants his/her ward to go to school therefore starting a school can meet this need. However this business requires alot of capital to be successfully set up.

5. Laundry Business:

Laundry is  yet another lucrative business idea in Ghana whereby you will have to perform laundry services for people that are in need of your service. These are the services you can offer to your customers I.e
 drycleaning. This business is profitable as there are a lot of people already making huge amount from it.

6. Event Planning:

Event planning requires expertise and professionalism. Most people actually needs the service of an event planner therefore setting an event planning company will go a very long way in solving their needs. The real deal is that you can make so much profits by rendering your service as a professional event planner.

7. Cyber Cafe:

Cyber cafe is still a lucrative business investment idea in ghana irrespective of the fact that people now owns smart phones, one can still make money via the cyber cafe business.

8. Hotels:

This business investment idea can not be overemphasized because on a daily basis people need shelter and a place to lay their head to pass a night or just to relax without stress.

9. Daycare Center (Babysitting):

If you've got the money, you can build a daycare center for people who would pay handsomely to ensure that their kids are taken care of while they go to their various businesses and workplace. You may or may not do this alone, that means you will be needing few helping hands, employ peoples who can take care of babies to help you out in this business model.

10. Blogging:

Everyone cannot be a blogger because this is an internet business that requires a lot of time, experience, tutorial etc to ensure that your blog is successful. Blogging requires dedication, hardworking plus patience, you can equally add some smart work too.


These are the most lucrative business ideas in Ghana. Remember every business takes time that's why you will have to be dedicated and work hard to ensure the smooth running of any investment idea in Ghana you've chosen


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