Agricultural Business Ideas

 Do you want to start a business in the Agricultural sector? Are you looking for Agriculture ideas to invest in? If your answer is YES, Then on this article you will see the list of 40+ best Agricultural Ideas to startup a business.

Agriculture involves the rearing of livestock and growing plants. It can be for family need, for food or for markets demands. Agriculture falls on different categories like Crop Or Plant farming, Livestock Or Animal Rearing, Agro-allied and Agro-processing industry.

Agriculture will always be a profitable venture as long as it is the major sector in the world. Invest and start a business in Agriculture today.

40+ Best Agricultural Business Ideas

We have analyzed 40+ hot agricultural ideas guaranteed to make profits:

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry products is always on demand, so of you are planning on starting a poultry farm just note that the market demand is widely open. You have to consider the requirement and make research on what is needed to be a successful poultry farmer. Poultry farming have so many niche under it like the followings:

– Chicken Farming

– Turkey Rearing

– Quail Farming

– Duck Rearing

– Egg Production

– Guinea Fowl Farming etc

So it is very important to choose your niche and do your market research.

2. Cucumber Farming

Cucumber farming is one of the profitable agribusiness idea for entrepreneurs. Cucumbers are consumed worldwide and it demand is high and as well sells very fast in market. Give cucumber farming a try and you will confirm it is indeed a profitable venture.

3. Pig Farming

This type of farming involves rearing pigs for commercial use. Pig farming is very lucrative because of it high reproduction, One pig can give birth to 13 and above piglets and Morever, they mature very fast. It is expected that every beginner should have business plan& patience as it takes about 8 to 12 months for a pig to attain a good market size.

4. Plantain Farming

Plantain farming as an agricultural idea should be considered as an investment. It is not a get rich quick business but it strategy can create a millionaire in just few years. It is very easy to start and easy to manage. It is very necessary to conduct research before setting up a plantain farm. A good research gives you idea and knowledge on how to be a successful plantain farmer and a strategy to follow in other to have a good plantain plantation.

5. Goat Farming

Goat farming business is a profitable livestock farming business, And in the world today, Goat meat is in high demand and it is recorded to be one of the best meat in Africa. You can startup a goat farm on small scale, medium scale or large scale. It is very important to make a proper business plan before getting started.

6. Mushroom Farming

This is another agricultural idea that is very lucrative, Cultivating mushrooms can be a source of income to the farmers. Before growing mushroom, you should first of all have the knowledge about the different kinds of mushrooms and identifying the ones that are being grown, After that, the next plan is to invest on mushroom farming.

7. Grasscutter Farming

Although grasscutter farming is not that popular to compare with other livestock farming, But some countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana it is very lucrative, In fact it is one of the cheapest farming business.

8. Watermelon Farming

Have you ever considered watermelon farming as an option? Have you ever asked yourself the profitability of watermelon farming? Yes, Watermelon farming is a profitable agricultural business idea with a high return on investment. This business should be taken serious.

9. Fish Farming

Restaurants & hotels are in demand for fishes, Market & individuals also need fish on daily basis, And according to Tipstago Team Research shows that fish sells very fast than other livestock meat. Also consider starting a fish farm business.


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