Definition Of Ethics And Morality

 Ethics has come to refer mainly to right conduct in a profession, so we have business ethics, secretarial ethics, medical ethics and the like.

In our contemporary society, the most important problem seems to arise from the issues of morality, the standard for right or wrong action vis-a-vis societal values. There is no denying the fact that great achievements have been made in the spheres of science and technology, but not much has been realized in the areas of ethical and moral conception.

Nations and individuals therefore exist in a world in which meaninful ethical decisions are inevitable.

Definition Of Ethics And Morality

Ethics: Ethics relates to the philosophy behind a moral outcome. In order to spotlight acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within a specific situation ethical behaviour is defined: The term Ethics refers to understanding and adopting moral values within the home or workplace that should be defined. It relates to values commonly adhered to and fundamentals or meta-ethics in the immediate surroundings. Ethics are integral part of social laws and politics. In any dichotomy situation, where two choices are available, ethics step in to identify the best action-choice. Ethical action is defined and questioned within our interactions with the terminally sick, animals, aged citizens and in issues such as abortion.

Ethics seeks to answer such questions as: “What should I do?”, “What is the good life for all people?” what is good conduct?” and “How do we define a right or wrong conduct, a good or bad person, a right or wrong conduct, a good or bad person?”, These and perhaps more are the questions ethical theory deals with.

Morality: Morality refers to an adopted code of conduct within an environment and a set of agreed upon rules for what is “right” and “wrong”. Morals have formed the spine of modern society, religion and every individuals conscience. For example, ‘murder is immoral’, but on the battle field murder is permissible’. In a way, morality is sync with ethics. While one is abstract in understanding, the order is defined and in the form of written code. Morality addresses the ethical queries on the moral outcome of a specific situation. The code of conduct formulated probes prohibitions, controversial behaviour, standards of belief systems and social conformity of morally right behaviour.

Moral codes define appropriate and expected activity. Morality is better understood as an assimilation of beliefs about the essentials to lead a ‘good life’. It is not to be confused with religious or fanatic or political perception. Moral codes are based on value systems that have been tried and tested.

A good example of moral codes is the Ten commandment. It is believed that all of us, throughout our lives, act from a developing moral code.

Moral behaviour and the values from which such behaviour are often believed to be generalized across all kinds of situations and all kinds of behviour consistently finds that people apply different standards to different situations. For instance lying is wrong, yet we may and are supposed to lie if we must do so to protect someones self esteem.

Differences Between Ethics And Morality

1. Ethics define the code that a society or group of people adhere to while morality delves into right and wrong at a much deeper level, which may be both personal and spiritual.

2. Ethics are impacted upon by external factors loke the society, profession, etc and could change with a change in any of these influencing factors but Morals usually do not change.

3. Ethics are well defined and quite neatly laid down but morals are of a subliminal nature and deciding upon what constitutes morals is not that easy.

4. Morals are generally associated with a personal view of values but Ethics is concerned with how a moral person should behave.

Sources Of Ethics

There are five principal repositories of values influencing office managers; Religion, philosophical, cultural. Legal and pro.


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